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IR-CAM 2 PRO - Thermal imager

Thermal imager

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Thermal imager


Infrared thermal display.
Minimum and maximum temperature display of the object under examination.
Hot/cold point display function.
Object emissivity value display.
Date and time display.
Image storage in 1 GB internal memory or on SD micro card not provided, in JPEG or BMP or MP4 video mode.
3 image modes: infrared image, real image and fusion of infrared and real images.
10 colour palettes.
Temperature measurement units in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
2,8 inch, high resolution, wide angle colour touchscreen.
Charge level indicator.

Comes with

Li-ion battery, charging cable, storage case, user manual.

Technical characteristics of IR-CAM 2 PRO - Thermal imager

Autonomy Feature
4 h
Measuring range of object temperature
-10 °C… +330 °C
Surface Temperature Measurement Accuracy Feature
-10 °C… 100 °C : ± 2 °C
100 °C… 330 °C : ± 2%
Emissivity Feature
0,1... 1,0 réglable
Optical Resolution Feature
Thermal Sensitivity Feature
0,07 °C
Infrared Image Resolution Feature
220 x 160 (35200) pixels
Visible Image Resolution Feature
2 mega pixels
Field of vision/Min. focal distance
35,4° x 26,8°/4 mm
Image Modes Feature
IR, image réelle et fusion des images IR et réelle
Power Supply Feature
3,7 V 3200 mAh Li-ion battery
Operating Temperature Feature
-10 °C… +50 °C
Storage Temperature Feature
-20 °C… +60 °C
Dimensions Feature
220 x 69 x 70 mm
Weight Feature
260 g
Ref. Feature
EAN Code Feature
Warranty Feature
2+1 years



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